Many people asks me for shematics of old radios.
I decided to offer some most popular shematics of radios produced in ex Yugoslavia for free.
Below is the list of shematics in pdf format which you can download:

Kosmaj 48
Kosmaj 49
Kosmaj 52
Tesla 51, 51a
Tesla 52
Tesla 53b, 53c
Vesna 45
Vesna 58a, 58b
Vesna 61
Savica 63
Savica 65a
RR 110
RR 230b
RR 240
RR 340, Tosca
RR Ozren

I have many more shematics, but don't ask me, if you're not willing to pay for the copy or make some kind of exchange.
It took me time and money to find them! Hope you can respect that.
Also you can find many shematics for european radios on


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